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Suspicious Activity /Possession of Suspected Stolen Items

Date: 11/06/2022 Saturday
Area: Epping 1

At approximately 08h00 CCTV Conops spotted three suspects carrying heavy items on the railway tracks proceeding in the direction of Mac Brothers  siding.

Public safety Fani, Dyani and Quadbikes drivers responded. On arrival while trying corner three suspects fled but we managed to caught two, third one managed to escape.

Suspects was in possession of scrap items hyster wheel and piece of metal, they couldn’t disclose where did they get the items.

Furthermore the suspects was given warning, items was confiscated and taken to the office.

Attempted Theft out of a Motor Vehicle

On the 8th August 2020 the ECID’s Public Safety Officer Mr Mfundisi was instrumental in preventing a smash and grab on Jakes Gerwel Drive on Langa Bridge, Officer Mfundisi arrested the suspect until SAPS arrived.

The suspect appeared in court on the 9th December, Officer Mfundisi was there to testify as the states witness and the suspect was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. Well done to Public Safety Officer Mfundisi, you are an asset to the ECID.



On the 3rd September SAPS and PRASA  were on site in Bofors Circle outside of SA Metal searching the patrons for any possible stolen copper belonging to PRASA’s assets.

1.Contacting the Provincial Helpline on 021 928-4102: available 24/7

2.Send an email with questions to

3.Contacting the General Public Hotline on 0800 029 999: available 24/7

4.Sending a WhatsApp message to 0600 123 456

5.Visiting reliable websites such as: or or

Attempted Smash & Grab

ROBERRY 23 .01.2020 On Langa Bridge a_Moment aROBERRY 23 .01.2020 On Langa Bridge a_Moment 2

 Waiting For a Vehicle                                  Running to the Road

ROBERRY 23 .01.2020 On Langa Bridge a_Moment 3ROBERRY 23 .01.2020 On Langa Bridge a_Moment 4

 Approaching a Vehicle                            Trying to Open the Door

ROBERRY 23 .01.2020 On Langa Bridge a_Moment 5ROBERRY 23 .01.2020 On Langa Bridge a_Moment 6

Running Away When They See the ECID Vehicle En route    Crossing Railway Line to the Shacks

ROBERRY 23 .01.2020 On Langa Bridge a_Moment 7

         The ECID Vehicle Arrives

On the 23rd January the Controller in the ECID Control Room noted these 2 suspicious persons on the Epping side of the Langa Bridge and as the Controller continued monitoring them, it was noted that they were there to perform a smash and grab on an unsuspecting motorist. The ECID vehicle was dispatched and the 2 persons ran across the railway lines towards the shacks in Langa.

MEDIA RELEASE: Stay energy-wise and improve resilience to load-shedding


12 DECEMBER 2019


Stay energy-wise and improve resilience to load-shedding

The City of Cape Town welcomes the undertaking by President Cyril Ramaphosa that no load-shedding will be experienced between 17 December 2019 and 13 January 2020. Thanks to the people of Cape Town for their patience and cooperation during this time. The City continues to promote energy saving and preparedness tips to enhance the resilience of its residents and businesses. Read more below:

Transversely, the City continues to put operational measures in place to reduce the impact on City operations and to ensure that the City becomes more resilient against future energy supply disruptions caused by load-shedding.

‘Cape Town’s share of the national usage is about 5% of the total national usage. Our electricity savings efforts and our attempts to curb electricity losses as a result of theft and vandalism have been outstanding, however load-shedding is outside of the City’s control. We all need to look at how we can enhance our resilience in Cape Town. We continue to petition the powers that be to allow the City to buy energy from independent power producers as a means to introduce cleaner energy into the system and of enhancing security of supply over the medium term. Meanwhile, our roll out of contingency measures carries on across City operations.

‘We thank the residents of Cape Town for their support and patience during the rough time that we have had as a result of load-shedding. We look forward to decisive action at a national level, one that will lead to cleaner energy and more stable security of supply,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy and Climate Change, Councillor Phindile Maxiti.

Eskom’s load-shedding Stage 2 continues today. The City will carry on informing residents as soon as it receives any updates from Eskom, which usually is at short notice.

Improve your resilience to load-shedding
• Print out the load-shedding schedule which is available on the City’s website at Eskom-supplied customers are encouraged to check Eskom’s website for the schedule
• If load-shedding affects traffic lights, the intersection should be regarded as a four-way stop. The first motorist to stop has right of way if it is safe to proceed
• Switch off appliances ahead of load-shedding to reduce the risk of damage from power surges
• Switch off those appliances that you don’t need
• Switch off your geyser and only switch it on for up to two hours per day. This will save a lot of electricity and it will save you money
• Delay switching on lights and appliances until after the peak periods (between 17:00 and 21:00) whenever possible
• Switch off your pool pump, geyser and other large electrical equipment, and never run both at the same time
• Adjust air conditioners to 23 degrees Celsius if you need to use them
• Visit for more tips to save electricity
• If your electricity remains off for longer than the period specified in the schedule, SMS the City’s technical operations center on 31220, submit a service request online or call 0860 103 089.

Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

Media enquiries: Councillor Phindile Maxiti, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy and Climate Change