The Epping City Improvement District (ECID) works together with property owners, local businesses, and urban management specialists to create a thriving industrial environment in which the Epping business community can thrive.

We provide our municipal top-up services through an additional property rate levied from properties within the ECID. Our interventions are designed to increase property investment, amplify job creation and encourage new investments into the ECID area.

The communication between service providers and the community is coordinated by our controlled management team from the urban management company,  Geocentric Urban Management.

Epping Improvement District NPC (ECID) Non-Profit Company

Company Reg No:


Registered Office:

24 Gunners, Epping 1, 7460

ECID Board:       

Xavier Fazakerley – Chairperson and Urban Maintenance Portfolio

Gavin Isherwood – Director and Treasurer and Cleansing Portfolios

Qaaid Mesias – Director and Public Safety Portfolio

Bronwen Dyke-Beyer – Director, Social Upliftment and Marketing Portfolios

The Board can be contacted via email: directors@ecid.org.za

Procurement Policy

Complaint Resolution Process


Cecil Kilpin & Company


Company Secretarial Duties:

Cecil Kilpin & Company

ECID Management:

Geocentric Information Systems

No. 2, 12th Street

Elsies River Industrial



021 565 0901

Improvement District Managers

  • Wandre Nortje – Senior CID Manager ECID – 061 971 6155 – email: wandre@geocentric.co.za
  • Renaldo Kleinsmith – CID Manager ECID – 084 367 2226 – email: renaldo@geocentric.co.za
  • Lehan Joubert – CID Manager ECID – 084 454 4857 – email: lehan@geocentric.co.za

For all other enquiries:

Call our office on:  Tel: 021 535 5814

Or visit the ECID Office:

  • 24 Gunners Circle Epping 1 7460
  • PO Box 834 Eppindust 7460

Or email us at ecid@ecid.org.za

Public safety services are coordinated by the 24/7  control room to ensure a constant line of communication between property owners and the security patrolmen and service providers.

For Public Safety Emergencies Contact:

24 hour Control Room on 073 881 7781 or 021 565 0900


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