ECID Management Team


Tony Bartram 
ECID Co-Ordinator & Company Secretary
Ph: 021 535 5814; ecid@ecid.org.za


                            Lizette Johnstone     Anette Brand           
                                 Manager      Administrative Assistant


                                                            Shaun Wilschut                      Ben Moleofi

                                                        Public Safety Liaison Officer    Public Safety Site Manager

ECID Board Of Directors

A Gropper-Chairman (PORTFOLIOS-Public Safety, Cleansing, Finance, Projects, Marketing 
& Management)
B Dyke-Beyer-Vice Chairperson (PORTFOLIOS Finance & Marketing)                              
H Husselmann-Treasurer (PORTFOLIOS Public Safety & Finance)
G Isherwood (PORTFOLIOS Finance, Cleansing & Projects)
X Fazakerley (PORTFOLIOS Public Safety, Projects & Management)
Email: directors@ecid.org.za
For emails to any of the Directors, please mark for attention of said Director.

What are City Improvement Districts (CIDs)?

The increased demand on municipalities for infrastructure and services has not been matched by incoming revenue. In many cases this has led to reduced services on the ground which, if left unchecked, would ultimately lead to degeneration and urban decay; clearly an unacceptable situation for property owners

Legislation makes provision for the establishment of non profit company to work hand-in-hand with local authorities in supplementing the basic services offered by municipalities.

What is the status of Epping?

The establishment of the Epping City Improvement District (ECID) received Cape Town City Council approval in July 2003.

Its core responsibilities are:

  • To supplement and enhance the basic services offered by the city of Cape Town
  • To facilitate a cooperative approach between the city and private sector in the provision of municipal services
  • To facilitate the upliftment of distressed business and mixed-use areas within Epping 1 to 4
  • To promote economic growth and sustainable development within Epping 1 to 4
  • To facilitate investment in Epping 1 to 4.

How is the ECID funded?

An additional income over and above the property rates is charged by the City of Cape Town on all properties within Epping 1-4 & Western Province Park. The income is expressed as cents in the rand and is based on the Municipal valuation of the property and is payable by all owners within Epping 1-4. These funds are paid over to the ECID, which in turn operates according to an approved business plan and budget.

Who administers the ECID?

The non profit company comprises a minimum of five directors representing property owners and Cape Town City Council.

Day-to-day operations are carried out by a small team based at offices at Gunners Circle.

Contact Details

  • 24 Gunners Circle Epping 1 7460
  • PO Box 834 Eppindust 7460
  • ecid@ecid.org.za
  • Tel: 021 535 5814
  • 24Hr Security: 073 881 7781