The Board of the Epping City Improvement District NPC (ECID) invites suitably qualified service provider
companies with existing City Improvement District experience to submit a proposal for the rendering of the following service:

Please click on each link to download the relevant document

CCTV Network Maintenace Service

Once the Board has evaluated all the proposals, a decision will be made on the successful service
provider. The lowest, or any, portion of any Proposal will not necessarily be accepted, and the Board does not bind itself to assign any reason for the rejection or acceptance of a proposal. The decision of the Board is final and no further correspondence regarding the proposal will be entered once the successful service provider has been appointed. The Board is under no obligation to qualify its decisions to any of the applicants.

All costs related to the submission of this proposal must be borne by the relevant applicants/companies/service providers and they shall have no claim for cost recovery
to the Board or its representatives whatsoever.

All the relevant information and documents are available on the ECID website on the Proposals page
All correspondence will be via email and can be directed to