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ECID Security Trailer

The ECID has over the past year effectively utilised the trailer supplied by the Western Cape Government and Department of Community Safety by creating awareness in the area.

We have placed the trailer at strategic points in the Epping area allowing for additional visibility and allowing members of the public to interact with the security and Law Enforcement personnel manning the trailer.

The ECID has enabled it’s security provider to permanently man the trailer. On occasion we have assisted our local SAPS and Law Enforcement by utilising the trailer as a secure mobile search unit, allowing the policing members a safe and secure environment in which to perform on-site body searches.


The trailer has been utilised extensively to accommodate the security personnel patrolling the railway sidings. During the winter period the trailer was placed on the central railway line to assist with sheltering and offering a place for the personnel to escape from the elements.

The map indicates the areas the trailer has been placed during this period of ownership. All immediate highlighted areas are areas requiring additional visibility allowing for instant and immediate interaction and intervention.

ECID Law Enforcement Bust CCTV Thieves

The ECID Law Enforcement received a report from their control that 2 people were tampering with the camera control box on the side of the N2 near the Bunga Avenue off ramp.They responded and found the 2 male suspects along side the N2 in possesion of components from the control box to the value of R 45 000.00. The total damage to the control box was R 110 000.00. Both suspects were arrested.

Drug Bust

On the 14th of December at approximately 08h26 the Law Enforcement received a report from Myertal, our camera control room regarding a suspious person. On investigation the suspect was nowhere to be found but they found a parcel containing 800 mandrax tablets with a street value of R 32 000. The suspect returned an hour later to collect his parcel and was duly arrested and handed over to Elsies River SAPS. Pictured here with the mandrax are Officers Kayster and Hartnick who executed the arrest.

Driving A Time Bomb

No number plates—————No lights

Gearbox/Engine————–“Petrol tank”

On Friday 22nd July, the Law Enforcement attended to a complaint that the cameras had picked up, a suspicious vehicle was parked outside of Rheem SA. The quad bikes first attended to the complaint where they found two occupants in the vehicle busy smoking TIK, upon exiting the vehicle, the one occupant unfortunately crushed the TIK lollie. The Law Enforcement then arrived and searched the vehicle and occupants, no further drugs were found. The occupants and the vehicle were taken to the ECID office and the Traffic Department were contacted due to the unroadworthiness of the vehicle. The petrol tank of the vehicle is a 5l oil can in the engine compartment, the gearbox is attached to the engine by means of wire, no functioning lights and no valid license disk. The slave cylinder is completely disconnected from the vehicle thus serving no purpose and neither occupant was in possession of a valid drivers license. The vehicle was successfully removed by the Traffic Department. It was later discovered that the Law Enforcement had previously dealt with this vehicle, but released the vehicle as the traffic department had not responded in the same manner.