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Load Shedding Update


Load Shedding

Friday, 13 December 2019

Stay energy-wise and be prepared for load-shedding
The City of Cape Town welcomes the undertaking from President Cyril Ramaphosa that no load-shedding will be experienced between 17 December 2019 and 13 January 2020.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time, however please continue to save energy and make sure you are prepared for possible load-shedding.
Be prepared
• Print the City’s load-shedding schedule. Eskom-supplied customers should check Eskom’s website for the schedule.
• Switch off those appliances that you don’t need, but make sure to charge your cell phone, laptop, tablet and radio when power is available. Depending on the load-shedding stage, some cell phone networks may be affected.
• Switch off appliances before your area outage to reduce the risk of damage from power surges.
• If traffic lights are affected during load-shedding, treat them as four-way stops.
• Keep some cash on hand as ATM’s cannot operate without electricity.
• If you do not have a gas stove, prepare your meals before the power is scheduled to be switched off. Bring your food to boiling point and use a non-electric, portable slow cooker bag to continue cooking food and keep it warm. Boil water and keep in thermos flasks for hot drinks.
• Keep backup batteries for electrically operated gates, garage doors and security systems in good working condition – they will need to last through longer periods during the higher load-shedding stages. Store candles, battery-powered torches and gas lamps in easy to find places.
• If your electricity remains off for longer than the period specified in the schedule, SMS the City’s technical operations center on 31220, submit a service request online or call 0860 103 089.
• Visit our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest load-shedding status updates.
• Our call center experiences a higher volume of calls during load-shedding. Please be patient.
• All City libraries are closed during load-shedding.
• City of Cape Town website for load-shedding updates
• Load-shedding Stages 1-8: Schedule and map
• Load shedding FAQs


Gunners Circle-Before (3)        Gunners Circle-After (3)

Before                                           After

Gunners Circle-Before (1)        Gunners Circle-After (1)

 Before                                             After

Gunners Circle-Before (2)        Gunners Circle-After (2)

Before                                           After


Donation-To LBC-Sep & Oct 19 Lorna Booi+Buntu Ngaukana     Donation-To CofN-Sep+Oct 19

The ECID handed out the following food items to the Church of the Nazarene in Bonteheuwel and the Langa Baptist Church; 4 x 750g coffee, 2 x 850g peanut butter, 2 x 900g jam, 36 cans each of pilchards and baked beans, 10 kg of lentils, 10 kg dry soup mix, 20 kg samp, 6 800 tea bags, 12 cans mixed vegetables, 20 kg rice and 36 x 1.5l cooldrinks kindly donated by Giant Hyper and 100 kg gravity beans donated by Pioneer Foods. Accepting on behalf of Langa Baptist Church is Lorna Booi & Buntu Ngaukana  (top left) and for the Church of the Nazarene is Reverend Quinton Williams & Jermaine Williams (top right). 

We wish to thank our sponsors for their generosity in helping to care for the less privileged.


IMG-20191031-WA0015 IMG-20191031-WA0016


On the 1st November the ECID welcomed Integrisec as our new public safety and camera monitoring service provider. We look forward to a long and beneficial  working relationship.

Farewell to Executive Risk Consultants & Stallion Security

On the 31st October the ECID said farewell to Executive Risk consultants after a worthy 5 year working relationship. We wish ERC well with all their future endeavors.

We also said goodbye to Stallion Security who did the camera monitoring for just over 2 years. We wish Stallion well with all their future endeavors. 

Cleaning of the challenging area’s Epping 1 and 2

These photos depict the ongoing challenges at the informal market and around the scrap metal dealers.               

Inf Market-After-21 Oct 19             Inf Market-Before-21 Oct 19

Informal Market-Before                        Informal Market-After

SA Metal-Before-21 Oct 19 (1)             SA Metal-Before-21 Oct 19 (2)

                                      Bofors Circle-Before

SA Metal-After-21 Oct 19 (1)              SA Metal-After-21 Oct 19 (2)

                                      Bofors Circle-After


Weedspraying (4)        Weedspraying (3)

                         Weed Spraying in September 2019

Weedspraying-After (3) Weedspraying-After (2)

                                   Weed Spraying-After 


CofN-Quinton Williams +Sheldon Josias-Sep 19 LBC Lorna Booi+Buntu Ngaukana-Sep 19

We were once again able to make a generous donation to Church of the Nazarene in Bonteheuwel and Langa Baptist Church. 2 x 750 g coffee, 1200 tea bags, 2 x 850g peanut butter, 2 x 900g jam, 10 kg dry lentils, 10 kg dry soup mix, 20 kg samp and 24 cans each of pilchards, baked beans all donated by Giant Hyper. 50 kg beans donated by Pioneer Foods.

Accepting on behalf of the Church of the Nazarene is Reverend Quinton Williams & Sheldon Josias  (top left) and on behalf of Langa Baptist Church is Lorna Booi & Buntu Ngaukana (top right).

We once again thank all our sponsors for their continued dedication to this initiative in helping the less fortunate.