Feeding Scheme for October 2013

Church of nazareneLanga Baptist Church

The ECID handed over 200 kg of mealie meal donated by Premier Foods, 50 kg of oats donated by Bokomo Foods, 2 tins of coffee, 2 kg of peanut butter, 2 kg of jam, 10 kg of rice, 2 kg of lentils, 24 cans each of baked beans, mixed vegetables and pilchards all donated by Giant Hyper to the Church of Nazarene and Langa Baptist Church.  10 pockets each of potatoes and onions were also donated by Capepots to Church of the Nazarene. We again thank our sponsors for their generous contributions to helping meet the need of our suffering communities.

On the left is Reverend Stan Martin-Church of the Nazarene and on the right Sylvia Matiza, Odwa Dlulane and Mwezi Kaso-Langa Baptist Church.