Bonus Donation of Food Items-November 2013

Stan MartinThe ECID handed over the following consumables donated by Jumbo Cash & Carry.  70 cans of various foods items, 9 packets of soups, 6 boxes of soya mince, 1925 g of loose tea, 1178 tea bags, 50 stock cubes, 13 boxes of Southern coating, 11 packets of gravy and sauces, 1 packet of instant oats, 6 packets of Sishebo Mix, 2 packets of stew granules, 1 bottle of Spicy Mayonnaise, 1 tube of Colgate toothpaste as well as 154 packets of various spices to Reverend Stan Martin  from the Church of Nazarene. We sincerely thank Jumbo Cash & Carry for their generous contribution towards the initiative to help the less fortunate.