Driving A Time Bomb

No number plates—————No lights

Gearbox/Engine————–“Petrol tank”

On Friday 22nd July, the Law Enforcement attended to a complaint that the cameras had picked up, a suspicious vehicle was parked outside of Rheem SA. The quad bikes first attended to the complaint where they found two occupants in the vehicle busy smoking TIK, upon exiting the vehicle, the one occupant unfortunately crushed the TIK lollie. The Law Enforcement then arrived and searched the vehicle and occupants, no further drugs were found. The occupants and the vehicle were taken to the ECID office and the Traffic Department were contacted due to the unroadworthiness of the vehicle. The petrol tank of the vehicle is a 5l oil can in the engine compartment, the gearbox is attached to the engine by means of wire, no functioning lights and no valid license disk. The slave cylinder is completely disconnected from the vehicle thus serving no purpose and neither occupant was in possession of a valid drivers license. The vehicle was successfully removed by the Traffic Department. It was later discovered that the Law Enforcement had previously dealt with this vehicle, but released the vehicle as the traffic department had not responded in the same manner.