Load Curtailment

The ECID hereby provides the following information regarding the Load curtailment program, currently localised to the Bofors 2 node:

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We hereby include the below information as recieved:

Power-Star have been appointed as the Operator for the Bofors 2 nodes and will be driving this process with all participants going forward. 

Next Steps:

  1. Complete the CoCT application form (attached)
  2. Complete Power-Star Load Curtailment agreement (Attached)
  3. Install Power-Star meters (only applicable to those who do not have Power-Star meters currently installed)
  4. Set up of Node performance on Powerstar platform and group communication (This is for our responsibility)

For the installation of Power-Star meters:

Option 1:

  • We supply you with the meters and you have your own electrical contractor or personnel install the meters. For this, we would need to know how many meters will be required for supply.

Option 2:

  • We can supply and install the meters but would need to do site inspections.
  • We will set a day or two aside early next week for the site inspections.
  • The cost for the site inspection will be R1000 ex vat
  • After the site inspection quote for the meter supply and installation will be sent through.
  • Please confirm who would prefer this option so we can book it in.

To contact Power-Star

Chris Geary –  Operations Manager

c 083 444 3320

t  021 975 4529


Load Curtailment Service Agreement

Application Form – Curtailment Programme – v2022 1.2

Loadshedding Curtailment Infographics (06.06.2022) v5 (1)

Technical Guidelines – Load Curtailment Programmev1.2

Cooldrink Donation from Anchor Yeast


Langa Baptist Church                           Church of the Nazarene in Bonteheuwel

Anchor Yeast very kindly donated 486 x 60 x 5g sachets of Thirst Buster flavored drink sachets to the ECID to be handed over the Langa Baptist Church and Church of the Nazarene in Bonteheuwel. With the hot weather we are having this has been a very welcome donation. Collecting for the Langa Baptist Church, Andiswa & Selby, collecting for Church of the Nazarene in Bonteheuwel, Cheslyn & Reverend Quinton.

The ECID wish to convey our thanks to Anchor Yeast for their kind donation.

Membership Applications

“Membership is open to all the property owners who are encouraged to apply for membership so that they exercise their rights to influence the business of the CID. Membership cannot be denied and the property owner is then entitled to attend, participate and vote at the members meetings held under the auspices of the Companies Act. 

Should a member be unable to attend they may give another individual their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Non-members may attend and participate but cannot vote and as such may thus have limited influence on the CID activities.”




Feeding Scheme for May & June 2017

Donation-To CofN-May & Jun 17 Donation-To LBC-May & Jun 17

The ECID handed out the following food items to the Church of the Nazarene in Bonteheuwel and the Langa Baptist Church; 4 x 750g coffee, 2400 tea bags, 4 kg peanut butter, 4 kg jam, 48 cans each of pilchards and baked beans, 20 kg of lentils, 20 kg dry soup mix and 40 kg samp kindly donated by Giant Hyper and 300kg gravity beans donated by Pioneer Foods. Accepting on behalf of the Church of the Nazarene is Reverend Quinton Williams & S. Josias (top left) and for Langa Baptist Church is Viwe Zono & Lubabalo Ntsundushe. (top right).

We wish to thank our sponsors for their generosity in helping to care for the less privileged.