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As we move into the cooler months, we’re looking back and highlighting the efforts made during Q1 to keep the Epping City Improvement District a safe and clean place to live, work and visit. At this time, we also start preparing for winter with all the necessary maintenance to public space, and we ask you to take care of your property and business by doing the same. Lastly, we offer our safety tips for your wheelie bin, which can become a security hazard, especially as our daylight hours decrease.

Looking back at Q1

For Quarter One 2024, we focused on maintaining a safe environment through our security initiatives, which include ensuring bin-pickers and loiterers are monitored and dealt with.  Additionally, the Epping City Improvement District’s cleanliness was a priority, with our cleaning services ensuring a well-maintained space through initiatives such as emptying public bins on time and cleaning public gutters when needed. You can learn more about what we accomplished this quarter below.

On the ground report from our CID managers

meet the Epping CID managers

Our managers share a host of highlights from Quarter One:

  1. Mentally Disturbed Person Sleeping in Public Space
  • ECID Management noticed a homeless person sleeping under a tree in Gunners Circle, opposite the Shell Garage.
  • Upon engagement, we discovered that the homeless person is mentally disturbed and that is when we contacted the relevant role players such as SAPS Pinelands, Social Services, Law Enforcement and local clinics in the surrounding areas.

2. PRASA property recovered in Bofors Circle

  • ECID Law Enforcement made a huge impact in the Epping Area.
  • They conducted various operations where they made multiple arrests.
  • One of the operations they had in front of a business in the CID led them to arrest four individuals for PRASA property.

3. Road Signs Gunners Circle

4. Test Project – Lowering of Sidewalks

  • The ECID is experimenting with a project to lower the sidewalks to make them more pedestrian-friendly. This will be done using part of their social upliftment budget to employ MES Day Workers.
  • In January and February 2024, CCT Roads and Stormwater Department completed all the road markings in Gunners Circle and at all the intersections of all the Avenues, including all Fire Hydrants.

5. Illegal Connections in Epping One 30/01/24

  • The Control Room noticed on the camera there were four men on the open field in Gunners Circle, opposite Grenville Avenue, digging trenches. The ECID Management team and Law Enforcement were dispatched to receive more information. On our arrival, we noticed that people from Langa were busy stealing power from the streetlights in Gunners Circle. The ECID Management team contacted Law Enforcement and the CCT Electrical Department.
  • On the 1st of February, subcontractors for the CCT (Maritz Electrical) arrived and assisted the ECID team by removing the illegal connections.

Additionally, to increase the safety of the staff located in the ECID area, the ECID invested in a project to install turnstiles and is currently installing the turnstiles. These will all be operational from Monday, 13 May 2024.

The turnstiles will be installed at the following sidings:

Fisher Avenue
Benbow Avenue
Bertie Avenue
Packer Avenue
Moorsom Avenue
Dacres Avenue
Kinghall Avenue

In case of emergencies, please call the control room on 021 565 0900.

wheelie bin safety + how to replace your wheelie bin

Wheelie Bin Safety

Learn how to keep your wheelie bin and property safe, or replace a lost bin, with these helpful tips.

Keeping your wheelie bin secure benefits both you and the community. Clearly marking your bin with your house number or address increases the chances of its safe return if it gets misplaced. But security goes beyond just the bin itself. To ensure your overall safety, be mindful of what you throw away. Avoid discarding medication bottles with your name or address visible. Shred any personal documents before disposal to prevent identity theft.

Bin placement also plays a role in security. Leaving your wheelie bin too close to walls or fences creates a potential climbing aid for trespassers. Ideally, store your bin in a designated area, like a garage or shed, whenever possible. If not, position it in a well-lit, open area away from fences and walls. By following these simple tips, you can keep your wheelie bin secure and reduce potential security risks around your property.

Winter Readiness

The crisp air and cosy vibes of winter are fast approaching, but so are the challenges of rain, wind and potential disruptions. Don’t get caught off guard! We’ve got you covered with essential tips to navigate the season seamlessly. 

From keeping your property prepared and business functioning smoothly, to staying safe on the roads, these handy suggestions will help you embrace the winter flow.