Col Klaazen, Elsies River SAPS – Retirement


Col Klaazen's Retirement


Previously stationed at Cape Town Central, Col. Klaazen ensured that there was a working relationship between the CID and SAPS as he was well aware of the assistance the CID was providing.

Early in 2008, Col. Klaazen was relocated to Elsies RIVER SAPS and has been there for the past 6 years. On his arrival and deployment into the field, his first goal was to make contact with the Epping CID. During his six year stay at Elsies River SAPS, Col. Klaazen built a stable relationship between the Epping CID and SAPS. The two organizations have worked well together and resolved many issues.

At the final Security Forum for 2014 Mr. Ord, the Security Forum Chairman, thanked Col. Klaazen on behalf of the Epping CID and the Security Forum members for his outstanding service and contribution to the Sector and wished him well for the future.